After unsuccessful pilot badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire in August 2013 and then in Dorset in 2015, the Government have now licensed culls in seven new areas (10 areas in total). AIA d…

Source: Why AIA Does Not Support the Badger Cull


badgerAfter unsuccessful pilot badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire in August 2013 and then in Dorset in 2015, the Government have now licensed culls in seven new areas (10 areas in total).

AIA does not support these badger culls because:

1. Half the culls failed to meet their targets of numbers of badgers culled, making the results meaningless.  Therefore we cannot rely on the new areas meeting their targets and being ‘effective’.

2. There has been no information provided on the incidence of TB in cattle in the pilot cull areas.  Therefore there are no grounds for extending the culls.

3. More than 30 eminent scientists have described the cull as a ‘costly distraction’ that actually risks making the problem of tuberculosis in cattle worse, and that will cost far more than it saves.

4. Culling is not selective and, therefore, many healthy badgers have been slaughtered as ‘collateral damage’. As many as six out of seven badgers killed…

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More than just Badgers

I’m just back from court. They day was a little frustrating but also interesting to see how our legal process works. The huntsman and and bird of prey handler from the Fitzwilliam Hunt were due in court to face charges in relation to hunting a wild mammal with dogs in contravention of the Hunting with Dogs Act 2004 and another charge of cruelty to a protected animal  which dates back to 2013. The details of the incident were cover in my blog entry here.

George Adam (64) the huntsman (now retired) and bird of prey handler John Mease (44) were both due to appear today (27th) but their legal representation requested an adjournment which was granted. They are due to appear again on the 31st August.


They were due to appear in court 2 of Peterborough Magistrates Court. Court 2, we were informed is the “not guilty” plea court…

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Excellent blog!!


The campaign to ban driven grouse shooting began because the pastime is incompatible with the salvation of hen harriers in particular and the protection of raptors in general. Driven grouse shooting requires intensive land use to maximise the grouse available for shooting. The grouse are ‘driven’ at the guns – beaters flush them toward the shooters, a form of ‘canned hunting’. Despite legal protection, these birds of prey keep disappearing from our skies and often turn up poisoned or shot. There is sufficient suitable habitat for over 300 pairs of hen harriers in England and Wales; the actual number of nesting attempts is in single figures – “a tiny handful“; the number of successful breeding attempts is usually zero.

hen harrier Hen harrier, via Scottish Natural Heritage media library – copyright-free images of English hen harriers are as rare as…the birds themselves

The justification for seeking this ban has…

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I’ve had M.E. since 1988 (28) years. Well done for protesting!!

Sarah at Saje

What is the protest for?

May 25th, 2016 will mark a global day of action for ME (Myalgic Encaphalomyelitis)* There are literally millions of people worldwide who want to stand up and be counted in asking for proper understanding and recognition for their condition, funding for research, and better training for medical practitioners. In the UK, protesters will be convening outside the Department for Health, Whitehall for a two hour silent protest. (Click here for details) Similar protests will also be happening worldwide. See below:

Millions Missing mapFor many people with ME, this is far too big an ask. Many have been housebound for years, even decades, so there will also be a worldwide virtual protest so that everyone has the opportunity of being included. This will primarily involve people sending in their shoes to stand in their place or including pictures of their own.

My personal protest

I have been waiting…

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